Data Entry KPH test

Find out your KPH (Keystorkes per hour) using our fast and easy to use Data Entry KPH test.

Slow typing speed is a major problem that are faced by many of the people and the career and the possibilities are often being ruined for this inability. The Data Entry KPH Test helps the people to test the speed of typing. The test will make you enable from these aspects:

data entry kph test

1. Technique: technique is the main thing which is needed to increase the typing speed. The technique of handling the qwerty keyboard is the most important thing with all the ten fingers will be learnt through the test.

2. Practice: the practice via the Data entry KPH test makes the muscle memory strong to improve the speed and to prevent from making mistakes.

3. Postures: while typing a proper posture is needed to make it faster otherwise it may affect the muscle and as well as the energy. The use of the fingers on the keyboard while sitting in front of the system is practiced through the Data Entry KPH test.

4. Keyboard: through this test one will learn how to type avoiding the peeping at the keyboard. It will give the person the core idea about the places of the keys in the keyboard.

5. Shortcut keys: the using of shortcut keys saves the time while typing so the use of the shortcut keys will be learnt while practicing with the Data Entry KPH test. This test enables the people to know the typing speed they have and also it grows the self assessment power within the person. Regularly taking of the test enables the person to increase the speed as through it the practice of the typing is coming automatically above all and it is known to everyone that practice makes anything perfect.

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