10 key test

In this age of technology the people are getting benefits from it and also the life of the people has changed with the use of it. The technology has put the speed in our lives and the life has become faster than before. The technology has made everything easy and cozy but the new technologies that are being invented everyday needs time to be adapted by the people. For utilizing the technology the people need to be thorough with the same. The typing is something like that. Though it reduced the effort of writing but there are many people in the world who face a lot of problems in typing at a good speed. In almost every profession the typing speed is an essential criteria for the candidates to apply.

10 key test

Therefore people fell into trouble while applying for the professional sectors if they do not have the adequate typing speed. The ten keys are the method of typing where the person can type for entering the numbers only. The ten keys are placed at the left hand side of the keyboard. The numbers are mentioned over there from the lower to the upper case. People often get confused while using these ten keys in the keyboard.

The 10 key test makes them enable to have it in the grip. The ten key test makes the thing easy for the people by some of the tips:

• Number lock: before giving the 10 key test the person should make the number lock else the numbers will perform the other function than putting the
• Putting of the fingers: the placing of the fingers is very important to increase the speed for typing the numbers in the 10 key test. The ideal way of typing the numbers is to put the middle finger at the center that means, on the number 5, then the index and the ring finger should be there to control the numbers like 7, 9, 4, 5, 6 and with the thumb 1, 3 and the 0 should be controlled. The controlling of 1 and 3 can be done by the index and the ring also. For putting the decimal digits the small finger or the ring finger can be used.These movements can be practiced in the 10 key test.
• Not to look at the keyboard: without looking at the keyboard the person should give the 10 key test.

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